After you rename your devices in the IOTAS Home app and set up your Google Assistant speaker, here are a few ways you can start using voice commands. 

Control Individual Devices

To turn specific devices on and off, just follow the pattern: "Hey Google, turn (on/off) the (device name)." 


  • "Hey Google, turn on the dining room light."
  • "Hy Google, turn off the bathroom outlet."

Important Note!

Google Assistant is pretty darn smart, but it can get confused by device names. Make sure you say the exact name of the device, as it is set in the IOTAS Home app. For example, if your living room lights are named "Living room track lights", Google won't respond if you say "Hey Google, turn off the living room overhead lights".

Also, give each device a unique name so that Google isn't confused by which one to turn on or off (e.g. don't name two outlets "Nightstand Lamp").

Control Groups of Lights

You can also use your Google Assistant speaker to control all of the lights in your home or all of the lights in a certain room. 


  • "Hey Google, turn on all of the lights" will turn on every device in your home that has a light icon in the IOTAS Home app. 
  • "Hey Google, turn off the living room lights" would turn off any devices in your living room that have a light icon in the IOTAS Home app.

Important Note!

If you'd like to be able to include lamps that you've plugged into a smart outlet, make sure you follow these steps to change the outlet's icon to one of the various available light icons.

Run Smart Stories

Our Smart Stories feature allows you to automate one or more devices. For example, you could create a "Rise and Shine" story that automatically turns on your bedroom lights, turns up the thermostat, and turns off the white noise machine plugged into your smart outlet at 7:00 AM, Monday-Friday.


Once you create a few Smart Stories, you can ask Google to trigger the automations by following the pattern, "Hey Google, play (Story name)". For example, if you wake up early one morning, say "Hey Google, play Rise and Shine", and she'll perform the same actions that would've happened automatically at 7:00 AM. 


  • "Hey Google, play Movie Night." could be used to automatically dim your living room lights and turn down the thermostat.  
  • "Hey Google, play Bedtime" could be used to turn off all of your lights every night.

For more info about how to create Smart Stories, check out these articles.

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