Follow these steps to create a new routine in the IOTAS app:

  1. Tap on the Routines menu in the bottom of the app.

  2. Tap the purple (+) add icon.

  3. Select what type of event you would like to trigger the routine.

  4. Follow the prompts to customize the trigger you’ve selected.

  5. Select whether you would like the routine to play one of your saved scenes or control individual devices.

  6. If you select Control individual devices, tap on each device that you want to include in the routine, and a popup will appear.

    • Indicate what you would like that device to do when the routine is triggered. 

    • Tap Add device to save your setting.

  7. To preview your routine before saving, tap the purple () play icon at the top of the screen.

  8. After you’ve finished selecting your routine actions, tap Continue.

  9. Name your routine and write a short description for it.

  10. Tap Continue to save your new routine.

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