If you'd like to use Alexa to control your home, follow the steps below to sync your Amazon speaker to your IOTAS smart home system:

  1. Open the IOTAS app.
  2. Follow these steps to rename the devices in your home as you'd like to refer to them when using voice commands.
  3. Open Amazon's Alexa app and select More.
  4. Then tap Skills and Games from the menu options.
  5. Search for and select the IOTAS skill.
  6. Tap Enable. A pop-up will appear asking you to sign in to your IOTAS account. 
  7. After you sign in, tap the in the top-left to close the pop-up.
  8. Tap Discover Devices.
  9. Give Alexa a test drive by saying something like "Alexa, turn on the kitchen light". 

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