Your IOTAS Hub is what syncs your home's smart devices to our app. Before you can start remotely controlling your devices, you'll first need to make sure your hub is plugged in and connected to the internet.

Important Note!

Your IOTAS system will not work without an active internet connection. If you recently moved in and haven't set up an account with an internet provider yet, please refer back to these instructions after your home's internet is up and running.

Where can I find my IOTAS Hub?

Your home's hub should be on your kitchen counter or in your unit's communication box. 

  • Communication boxes look like circuit breaker boxes and are typically in a wall near an entryway or by a closet. 

How do I plug in my IOTAS Hub?

Your hub needs power and an internet connection to communicate with our app. Plug your hub's power cord into an outlet and connect the hub to your internet router using the provided ethernet cable.

  • Important Note!

Only the bottom socket of a smart outlet can be controlled remotely. Make sure to plug any important devices (like your hub and internet router) into a top socket or into one of your home's non-smart outlets. This will ensure that you don't accidentally turn those devices off from the IOTAS app.

How will I know my IOTAS Hub is connected?

When your IOTAS hub has successfully hopped online, the light in the front will glow blue/green and the lights in the back will blink. If you're still having trouble controlling your devices, please contact us or see this troubleshooting article.


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