Smart Stories allow you to automatically turn devices on or off based on day-to-day behaviors. They can also be used to send notifications to your phone or email when changes to your devices are detected (e.g. if motion is detected while you're on vacation). 

Need some extra light to motivate you out of bed?

Use the Good Morning story to set your bedroom lights to turn on at a certain time each day.

Want your coffee maker to turn off when you head to work?

Set up the Out for the Day story so that certain devices turn off when you walk out of your apartment.

Want to know when your dog walker has arrived to take your furbaby for a spin?

Create a custom story that will send you email or app notifications when motion is detected during a certain time window.

That's just the beginning! 

Keep reading to learn how to customize IOTAS's default stories, build your own stories, and "Capture" stories.

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