You can rename your home's smart devices and assign them new icons to make them easier to remember. Customizing how your devices appear in the IOTAS app also makes it easier to issue voice commands if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assist. For example, "Alexa, turn off Kitchen Outlet 1" can become "Alexa, turn on the Coffee Maker".

Follow these steps to change how your smart devices appear in the IOTAS app:

  1. Open the IOTAS Home app.
  2. Tap on the grey pencil icon to the right of the device you'd like to rename. An Edit Name & Icon menu will pop-up.
  3. Type in the new device name (e.g. "Jorge's beside lamp", "Toaster").
    • If you're using voice commands in your home, make sure to give each device a unique name to avoid confusing Alexa and/or Google.
  4. Tap the icon to the right of the name text box to change the device's icon.
    • The IOTAS app, Alexa, and Google Home will respond to a command based on the icon associated with the device. For example, you can name a device "bedside table" instead of "bedside table light". As long as the device has one of the light icons associated with it, it will be recognized as a light in voice commands such as "Hey Google, turn off all of the lights".
  5. Tap Save.

Important Note! 

If you use voice commands and decide later on to change your devices' names or icons, those devices might need to be re-discovered by Alexa or Google Home.

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